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-News Article on Milton Friedman: logic is deregulation of drug markets (markets in general) -Amy Chua: opposes market fundamentalism -when why how with ignoring the thing of subsidies in Malawi; know that they stood up to the dominant policies that were pushed on them by the powers that be -how Milton Friedman would comment on Malawi case probably be critical of both the governments -Shen Zen Nelson Lichtenstein on wal-mart: DSP in PPT slides market fundamentalism vs. Washington consensus WC leans in market fundamentalist tendencies
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Unformatted text preview: MF would say the WC doesn’t go far enough to qualify WC is about freer markets MF is ideology/stronger version of that MF believes government interference leads to inequality, as markets aren’t allowed to work as they should-Lichtensteins tale of two cities insight into WalMart-shows link between 3 rd world and 1 st world big box-Compa article: not essay question on it but will come back to it at the end of semester CSR: corporate social responsibility...
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