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The Drive for Perfection: City of San Diego uses RouteSmart to Streamline Curbside Collections City of San Diego Environmental Services implements RouteSmart route planning software during conversion to automated curbside collection and saves $18 million! The Challenge Working for the sixth largest city in the nation, staff for the City of San Diego face many operational challenges. For the Collections Division of the Environmental Services Department (ESD), the major challenge is to provide top-notch curbside collection to over 310,000 residential, multi-family, and small business customers. In conjunction with ESD’s other ±ve divisions, Collections maintains trucks, drivers, mechanics and other personnel at each of four operations stations throughout the city. Curbside collection of refuse, and recyclable commodities and green material, as well as citywide litter collection, are all based out of these four stations. As might be imagined, balancing vehicle, personnel and time available for all types of collections poses signi±cant challenges. Six years ago, to meet these challenges head-on, the Collections Division purchased RouteSmart software. Prior to this, routing was done manually using educated guesses and hard-copy maps with selected streets highlighted by hand. Adding to the inef±ciencies from manual routing, there were even more pressing problems created by the incentive-based pay system in place for drivers and trash collectors at that time. Under this system, routes were designed based solely on the tonnage of material hauled each day. Once the drivers reached the requisite daily amount they were released for the day. Although the “incentive system” motivated the collectors to work faster, the problems
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ClientProfile_SanDiego - CLIENT PROFILE The Drive for...

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