introduction - Expected Background Course: Algorithms in...

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1 15-853 Page 1 Course Course : Algorithms in the Real World (15-853) Instructors Instructors : Guy Blelloch URL URL : 15-853 Page 2 Expected Background Expected Background Asymptotic analysis Graph Terminology and Algorithms – e.g. what is max flow NP-complete problems and reductions Matrix algebra – e.g. what is the null-space of a matrix Probability 15-853 Page 3 Course Requirements Course Requirements Readings – Chapters, papers, course-notes, web documents – There is NO course textbook Assignments – about 6 assignments (one will likely involve programming) Midterm and Final –takehome 15-853 Page 4 Why care about algorithms? Why care about algorithms? Just about every field uses algorithms – Engineering, Physical sciences, Social sciences – Business, Medicine – Probably used more widely than Calculus The level of sophistication has increased significantly in recent years Asymptotics becoming more important – Linear programming (interior-point methods) – Factoring (number-field sieve) –…
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2 15-853 Page 5 An Exercise An Exercise What are the 10 most useful applications of algorithms in the “Real World” Work in groups of 2 or 3. You have 15 minutes. 15-853 Page 6 Some Examples Some Examples Do cities use interesting algorithms for trash collection? Does your mailman use sophisticated algorithms to pick his routes? RouteSmart GeoRoute Does your janitor select the order of rooms using sophisticated algorithms? Probably not 15-853 Page 7 Topics (possible) Topics (possible) Compression – LZ, BW, PPM, JPEG, MPEG Cryptography – ssh, RSA, Rijdael, kerberos, … Error Correcting Codes
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introduction - Expected Background Course: Algorithms in...

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