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Hist 257 - Exam review sheet - 1933: Shift from...

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1933: Shift from multilateral to bilateral – pulled out in Oct from LON and Natl disarmament; replace with individual pacts/agreements/talks w/individual nations (breaking bilateral agreements has fewer repercussions) 1934: 10 yr non aggression agreement with poland, ramped up army, (Poland was given a lot of german land after WWI, divided germany) 1935: March, Hitler announces rearming (from 100k to 500k soldiers, create air force, naval expansion, all prev banned by treaty of vers) not wanting to start another war, remnants of war with shellshocked ppl, amputees, Hitler got blessing from world power (Britain) to increase navy to 35% of britains. Italy attacked german land in Ethiopia, Hitler and Mussolini sign agreement and become allies – further discredits LON and proves no repercussions and lack of nations behind LON 1936: March, Hitler reclaims Rhineland and militarizes it. LON, france and Britain did nothing to stop germany. By this time germany had agreements w/ Poland, Britain, italy, japan and concordant with the pope – gave germany legitimacy and cured it of shame from WWI and TOV 1938: March 12 Hitler w/ Mussolini take over Austria and appoint seyss Inquart as chancellor. Glorious achievement of taking back what is ours. Anschluss ” = annexation of Austria, reuniting germans in germ and germans in Austria – not “rape of Austria” Sept. 15- Czech hands over rich sudetenland Recap: remilitarization of Rhineland, anschluss, takeover of Sudetenland = german pride w/no military repercussions. These necessary for Guns and butter plan of rearming and growing military w/out rationing or cutting production of consumer goods, keeping ppl happy, but required takeover of these resource rich areas. Nov. 1938 – kristallnacht turning point where appeasing germans no longer cut it 1939: March Hitler breaks agreement with Czech and takes over bohemia and Moravia (resources) – cuases france to start adding to army, US puts 25% tax on german goods, Britain and france pledge aid to Poland, Romania, turkey and Greece. Sept 1- Blitzkrieg – 4 weeks of lightning quick war in Poland w/out time for France or Britain to mobilize (plus they would have to go thru germany to get to Poland – called sitzkrieg or phony war – F and B just go on defensive). Forms bilateral treaty with Russia to protect eastern front (how ingenious) 1940: May Hitler invades france, Norway and Belgium. Moved war to N Africa and SE Europe after rolling over all but superpower Britain 1941: June Hitler invades soviet union= operation barbarosa , rapidly coming to possess more jews, Einsatzgruppen were mobile killing units that followed army front, killing entire communities of jews, communists, traitors, antinazis, also tried to get local ppl to do work via pogroms, they were somewhat inefficient in that they suffered psychologically from their work, leading to burnout, breaks treaty, stabs stalin in back, germ employs blitzkrieg method to power thru soviet union
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Hist 257 - Exam review sheet - 1933: Shift from...

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