Exam #1 study guide - Exam#1 1 Functions of families a...

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Exam #1 1. Functions of families a. Reproduction b. Socialization (help children fit into society) c. Regulation of sexual behavior (sex education) d. Economic cooperation e. Assignment of status and social roles. 2. Family Strengths a. Commitment i. Every person needs to be committed to the family. ii. Strong marriage is the core of a two parent family. b. Respect/trust i. Respect opinions, belongings and abilities. ii. Trust everyone to put the family first. iii. Keep promises to one another. c. Positive communication i. Ability to compromise. d. Morality i. Be honest about everything e. Rituals/traditions f. Adaptability g. Ability to seek help. h. Time together i. A wellness orientation i. Positive mental and physical help. ii. Appreciation of culture/ethnicity. j. Meeting each other’s needs. 3. Types and characteristics of families a. Family of orientation- Family that raised you. b. Family of procreation- Family you form when you have kids. c. Nuclear family- mother and father and their children. d. Extended family- family that includes, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. e. Childfree family- couple with no children. f. Single parent family- mom or dad and children. g. Lesbian/gay family- same sex couple with children. h. Step family (blended family, reconstituted family) -single parent gets married and the new parent is not the biological parent of the children. i. Foster family- child is placed by the state in a home where the child is cared for and the adults are not biologically related to the child. j. Surrogate family- gives you what you need. Choose people to be your family.
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k. Boomerang family- send child off into the world and then they return to you. l.
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Exam #1 study guide - Exam#1 1 Functions of families a...

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