Brain and Behavior

Brain and Behavior - blushing Both systems are never...

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Brain and Behavior I. Gross Organization of the Nervous System - A. Peripheral- outside like muscles, organs skin 1. Somatic (Voluntary NS)- this branch goes to the large skeletle muscles that provides actions. Two components like input and output. Constant awareness a. Afferent Nerves- from outward in. Sensory component of the same never to help you feel. Feedback b. Efferent Nerves- central outward. Movement signals 2. Autonomic (Involuntary NS)- Organs, Skin, Hair follicles, blood vessels like
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Unformatted text preview: blushing. Both systems are never totally off. Balance between the two divisions: Sympathetic or Parasympathetic. Both divisions can not both maximumitely be on at the same time. a. Sympathetic (Fight or Flight)Division- It activates your muscles blood vessels, etc. to use a lot of energy. Maximize your activity of energy used. b. Parasympathetic (Rest & Recuperation)- rest and relaxation. Highest activity occurs when you are sleeping or digesting....
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