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Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique # 51870 Bacterial Growth Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to learn how to determine the growth curve of Vibrio natriegens under standard conditions. We also wanted to determine Vibrio natriegens ’ generation time under standard conditions. The last thing we wanted to do was to observe the effect of carbencillin and chloramphenicol on the growth of Vibrio natriegens. Carbencillin is bactericidal and should turn off cell turbidity and decrease the cell number level while chloramphenicol is bacteriostatic which should also turn off cell turbidity but keep cell number levels about the same. We chose Vibrio natriegens because of its fast generation time which allows us to do our experiment in a relatively short amount of time. 1) Procedure: The procedure consisted of at least three groups, one to conduct the control, one to do carbencillin, and one to do chloramphenicol. i)
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