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Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique # 51870 Culture Media Lab 1) Purpose: The purpose of this lab had two parts. Firstly we wanted to review what a culture media is and what composes each certain type of media. We also learned about how to plate organisms to make a culture. We reviewed the difference between oblique light microscopy and oblique reflected microscopy and when looking at cultures using those tools, the correct terminology to describe our results. The second purpose of this lab was to learn how to gram stain a culture. We learned what each step was for, and how to interpret if what we were looking at was gram positive or gram negative and what that meant. a) Procedure: The procedure consisted of two different experiments. i) The first experiment we dealt with gram staining. The first step in this experiment had us staining different organisms using Gram I, II, III, and IV in that order, to tell us those organisms gram reaction. The second part had us omitting certain Gram stains while working on
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