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Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique # 51870 Enrichment Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to learn another technique on how to isolate organisms. We did this by using enrichment. We could isolate these organisms by placing them in an enriched environment that would favor its growth. In this lab we used a soil inoculum and placed it inside different enrichment environments. Depending on the type of media, certain organisms would only grow in environments with certain nutrients. We were able to create an isolation of desired organisms from a mixed natural population, even when the organism was a minority in the mix, by using this enrichment technique. 1) Procedure: The procedure was pretty simple; however it took a few days to complete. i) A pair would inoculate a given medium with soil and then wait for 2-4 days to come back. ii) Next we then gram stained our culture, inoculated a second media
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Unformatted text preview: with our culture, and lastly plated our first culture. iii) We then gram stained our second culture and plated it. We also observed the plate from our first culture. iv) Lastly, we observed our second plated culture, and did and oxides and catalase test on it. 2) Results: To see the results I observed look at the attached sheets. a) Discussion: For the most part everything went as expected. Organisms that were meant to thrive in their respected media did grow in them. So the purpose that we were supposed to learn, we did. This adds on to our list of ways that we now know to isolate organisms. There wasn’t much to screw up in this lab, and even if we did we had demos to make sure we got the information that we needed. b) Assigned Question “What conditions will you use to isolate a photosynthetic organism?” •...
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