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Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique # 51870 Microbial Genetics Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to learn about phenotypic changes in microbial genetics. We wanted to see how it reacted in response to environmental change and we also wanted to see how mutations might affect an organism’s phenotype. 1) Procedure: The procedure was split in two parts to see how phenotypes reacted to these tow different sources of change. i) The first experiment dealt with phenotypes and environmental changes. To conduct this experiment we inoculated two agar slants with Serratia marcesecens. We placed one in a 37°C environment and another in a 25°C environment. We came back 2 days later to record our observations. We then switched the tubes with the environments and came back 2 days later to observe what happened then. ii) The second experiment was called the cross feeding experiment. We experimented with mutations of Serratia marcesecen. To express a certain phenotype, an organism will usually undergo a metabolic pathway. Mutations can interfere with enzymes along
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