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Unformatted text preview: 3-13-08 Notes How do they induce someone to go into labor? o Hormone in IV o "ripen" cervix (Cervix is opening) o Rupture amniotic membranes o Strip membranes o Stimulate nipples, orgasm o Sex Found an enzyme in semen that softens the cervix. Labor and Delivery o Pre-labor Braxton-Hicks contractions Lightening/engagement/settling Flu like symptoms Nesting instinct Wake up some mornings with a lot of energy Passing of mucous plug o True Labor Water breaks Contractions can be timed and anticipated and they increase in strength Stages of Labor and Delivery o First Stage-Labor phase Early Labor Cervix stretches Contractions (last 30-90 seconds each and continually get closer) Lasts 24-48 hours Active Labor Cervix stretches to 7 cm Lasts 3-20 hours Transition Cervix stretches to 10 cm Contractions (1-3 minutes apart) Most difficult but the shortest Lasts between 10 minutes and 2 hours o Second Stage Episiotomy Cut the skin between the vagina and the butt. Delivery of the baby o Third Stage Delivery of placenta Emotions Happy, crying, relief Breast feed baby Colostrums After birth pains ...
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  • contractions Lightening/engagement/settling Flu, Water breaks Contractions, Labor · Cervix, Transition · Cervix, Rupture amniotic membranes

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