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Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique # 51870 Culture Media Lab 1) Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to test how different factors and environments had an effect in bacterial, to look more in depth at the relationships between microorganisms and to test antibiotic activity. a) Procedure: The procedure consisted of two different experiments. i) The first purpose that we wanted to explore was the environmental influence on growth conditions of microorganisms. To test this, we had demonstrations showing how oxygen levels affect the growth of different microorganisms. We also had demonstration plates showing us how pH affected the growth of various organisms. ii) The second purpose we looked at was how microbial interactions affected growth. To do this we had E. coli tested against M. luteus and S. cerevisiae tested with R. glutinis . Each testing had a control Desferal disc also placed in the plate. We then recorded our results. iii) For the last purpose, we had groups of 10 where 5 different
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Unformatted text preview: microorganisms were tested with 10 different antibiotics. Using data we were given we determined which antibiotic was which. 2) Results: To see the results we observed, look at the attached sheets. a) Discussion: The questions in the results page show what I learned during the experiment. In the actual execution of the lab, I only ran into a few problems. The first being that for the microbial interactions part of the lab, in the 24 hour span of waiting, nothing grew on either side of the plate. Not even really around the disc. So, not wanting to come the next day, I used the demos provided for us as my results. The same kind of went to my antibiotic activity chart. The plates didn’t show much of what I needed for interpretation, so rather I just used the demos for my results. As for the streaking, I think if anything that needs the most improvement in my work....
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