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2007 equipment and techniques gravity filtration

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Unformatted text preview: Filtration Buchner funnel To the aspirator (vacuum) Filter flask Swirl the mixture as you pour Wash the reaction beaker with several portions of H2O to transfer any remaining solid from the beaker into the funnel Spring 2007 Equipment and Techniques: Miscellaneous Tips Never return unused portions of chemicals to the reagent bottle Whenever you remove an object (e.g. thermometer, stirring bar retriever, magnetic stirring bar, etc.) from the solution, make sure you rinse it off into your solution with the small amount of deionized water. This will insure that you do not lose any of your material Do not place hot objects directly onto the bench top, use the wire gauze to protect the bench top Teflon covers DO NOT throw out your residues until the end of the laboratory period Spring 2007...
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