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What do you see here? What kind of document is this? Describe the document in terms of content, without being interpretive. I see a story of an African American leader known as Malcolm X. The kind of document that this is is an autobiography. This is the story of Malcolm X’s childhood and how he wanted to go to school. Malcolm X and how the childhood passed with education. What do you think the document reveals about its era? What kinds of information can be learned from the document? (There might be more than one kind of information—try to describe several kinds). It reveals that how African American children were growing up without education and
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Unformatted text preview: how they were not being treated equal. That life was not always fair to certain people and how the new laws have changed this matter to help everyone. What don’t you know about the document? What questions could you ask about it? I don’t know how this document was created; also I don’t know what caused this to happen and why Malcolm was treated the way he was treated. I want to know what was the last thing that pushed Malcolm to the edge. And I want to know why Malcolm did what he did in life....
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