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Johnathan Stewart A39765179 Identify some problems, issues or concerns the author is engaging with. Where are they? (Provide page numbers). A problem in this reading was that Malcolm X didn’t know how to write and was not educated. So by this doing he educated himself while in prison. Pg.164 Malcolm X urged African Americans to sever their ties on the White race. Pg. 165 With his eight grade education Malcolm X was able to show people that he could speak at a higher level than of his last completed education level. Pg. 165 Over 115 million African Americans nearly all of the 1930’s American population were
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Unformatted text preview: killed. Pg. 171 Can you relate to any of the problems you just described? I could relate to the problems if I was still in middle school or in elementary school but I cannot relate to these problems because of my education level and my reading and writing ability. What do you believe to be the author’s purpose in writing this document? To show how even if you don’t finish school or you drop out of school you can still have the same ability as a person who has been through college or just finished high school....
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