Biol 111 Garcia syllabus

Biol 111 Garcia syllabus - Biology 111, Introductory...

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Lecture/Lab Syllabus, Fall 2008 Sections 544-556 TR 9:35-10:50 HELD 200 Lecture Professor: Dr. Rene Garcia E-mail: Office: BSBW 349 Phone: 845-2989 Office Hours: 11:00-12:00 p.m. T/TR Biology 111 is the first half of an introductory two-semester survey of contemporary biology that covers the chemical basis of life, structure and biology of the cell, molecular biology and genetics. Course includes laboratory that reinforces and provides supplemental information related to the lecture topics. Texts/Materials: Texts are on reserve in the Evan = s library, 2 nd floor. ! Biology (8 th edition) by Campbell and Reece - required . ! Biology 111 Laboratory Manual 5th ed. (2009) by Tonna Harris-Haller - required ! Student Study Guide for Campbell’s Biology - recommended. ! Campbell Biology Website - required. Subscription is included with a new text, or may be purchased online at . General Information: Lower Division Biology Instruction Office: Administrative questions pertaining to Biology 111 may be referred to 315 Heldenfels (HELD), Mon. through Fri. 8 am to 5 pm, 845-4651, e-mail . Webpage: The Lower Division Instruction webpage at has contact information for faculty, teaching assistants and staff, as well as exam challenge forms and scantron grade check request forms. Vista/Blackboard: Grade information and materials posted by faculty may be located on the course VISTA/BLACKBOARD site. To access VISTA/BLACKBOARD: Logon to Choose the TAMU (Net ID) logon option. Logon with your Net ID and password. Choose the Biol 111 course list link. Release of Grades: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits faculty and staff from posting grades to unsecured websites, or reporting grades by e-mail or telephone. Individual grade information is available via VISTA/BLACKBOARD or from faculty during office hours. Absence Policy: The Lower Division Program does not accept the Texas A&M University Explanatory Statement of Absence Form as an adequate verification for an absence. Students who miss class and want to make up one or more missed assignments must provide verification for the reason of the absence (see Student Rules 7, Attendance ). Prior notification of absence is expected whenever possible (Student rule 7.3). For an absence due to illness or injury, you must notify your instructor within two working days of the absence. Additionally, you must provide, within one week, written and signed evidence of consultation with a medical professional confirming that the injury or illness was serious enough to justify the absence. Submitted evidence will be verified prior to approval of any makeup.
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2008 for the course BIOL 111 taught by Professor Rizzo during the Fall '07 term at Texas A&M.

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Biol 111 Garcia syllabus - Biology 111, Introductory...

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