Anaphase centromeres divide separating the sister

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Unformatted text preview: ch is now pulled toward the pole to which it is attached by spindle fibers. By the end, the two poles have equivalent collections of chromosomes. Telophase The cell continues to elongate as free spindle fibers from each centrosome push off each other. Two nuclei begin to form, surrounded by the fragments of the parent's nuclear envelope. Chromatin becomes uncoils. Spindle fibers disassemble. Cytokinesis Division of cytoplasm Usually occurs at the same time as telophase Animals cells Microtubules help form a furrow that constricts cytoplasmic mass into 2 `daughter cells' Cleavage furrow forms from the outside and moves inward Plant cells As a cell plate is formed, it to forms 2 `daughter cells' The cell plate forms from the middle and moves outward Procedure on pg 112-118 Onion cells individually (Allium) P 118-119 P119 each person count one field of view and share data Models and posters on side counter Clean-up Straighten tables...
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