Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Radio Today Quick Facts Number of...

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Chapter 4 Radio Today Quick Facts Number of commercial AM stations in 2006: 4,795 Number of commercial FM stations in 2006: 2,746 Number of country radio stations (2006): 2,126 Average number of radio stations in most U.S. markets: 25 Number of stations in the U.S. playing a polka format: 4 Number of different versions of “Danny Boy” in the XM Music Library: 200 Radio’s 3 C’s Indicate the Nature of the Business Competition Consolidation Control Competition There are more radio stations than any other media 5 times more radio than newspapers 10 times more radio than television There’s competition for advertising revenue within the radio market The “Three C’s” of Radio Competition Share of Audience The average person in the U.S. spends 794 hours/ 33.1 days per year tuned into radio! The Radio Station Universe Out of the nearly 14,000 stations 35% are commercial AM stations 45% are commercial FM stations 20% are noncommercial FM stations Radio is a locally based medium AMs in local markets rely on local advertising FMs frequently dominate in larger cities, combination of national
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spot and local advertising Share of the Audience FM stations - 80% of all radio listening The most profitable of all stations Big FM stations in major cities AM news/talk stations in major cities Too early to talk about the effect of satellite radio Consolidation Increasingly competitive nature of radio reflects the companies now involved in the medium 1990s - NAB lobbied to deregulate radio Mom and Pop stations have largely disappeared Group ownership restrictions were lifted Telecommunications Act of 1996 shifted the radio landscape The Telecommunications Act of 1996 Relaxed ownership standards No limit to total number of stations a group can own Set as a maximum that group owners could own up to 8 stations in one marketplace Supergroups of station owners formed Single Market Multiple Station Ownership Evolution: Pre-1970 -- AM-FM-TV Combos Permitted Effective 1970 -- Only AM-FM Combos Permitted Pre-1992 -- 1 AM and 1 FM to a Market Permitted Effective 1992 -- 2 AM and 2 FM to a Market Permitted (provided
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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Radio Today Quick Facts Number of...

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