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Chapter 5 Broadcast and Cable/Satellite TV Today Quick Facts Network share of audience (prime-time) 1975: 90% Network share of audience (prime-time) 2005: 45% Number of TV networks, 1975: 3 Number of TV networks, 2006: 7 Number of U.S. homes with one or more TVs (2006): 110,600,000 Percent of TV homes with digital video recorders (2006): 18 Cable penetration of TV households (2006): 66.3% Transition Sums Up Television Today Television is moving from analog to digital, high-definition There are more television networks and cable networks today that 10 years ago Television competes with home video, video games, and the Internet for viewers About 66% of homes subscribe to cable television 26 million Americans subscribe to DBS ----If wecould sum it all up with one word, it would be transition. Types of Television Stations If the call letters are more than 4 letters you have a class a station. Television Now 2006= 112 million U.S. TV HHs/ 98.2% 1,700+ TV stations operating (1626 digital) 78% Commercial Program to attract the largest possible audience Sell airtime to advertisers based on how large the viewing audience is 22% Noncommercial
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- Commercial free funded by donations from “Viewer’s like you”, businesses, and the government - Most affiliated with PBS, college, or educational institutions By 1980, half of homes had more than one set By 2000, that figure rose  to over 75% (Watching TV used to be some kind of group activity that the family  would do) Television Now As Options Have Expanded, So Has the Amount of Time Households Devote to  Television(Hours:Minutes) Types of Television Stations Network Television The Big 4 Big Three - started originally as radio networks NBC - National Broadcasting Company CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System ABC - American Broadcasting Company Fox Broadcasting Company - started in 1986 by Rupert Murdoch Television Networks: The New Networks UPN - United Paramount Network Started 1995 Star Trek and WWE Smackdown WB - Warner Brothers Started 1995 Buffy , 7th Heaven and Smallville Pax TV Started 1998 Programming based on family values Broadcast TV business consists of: Network TV ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Other networks include: CW, MNT, Univision, NBC Telemundo, Multimedios, ION (formerly PAX) Develops programs and distributes to local TV station affiliates
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Broadcast and Cable/Satellite TV...

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