Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Radio Programming Radio Regulation...

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Chapter 8 – Radio Programming Radio Regulation and Format Design Radio stations can choose their own programming o Section 326 - Communications Act - gives broadcasters freedom from censorship American Radio has ‘format freedom’ Task - provide attractive programming to meet informational and entertainment needs of audience Matrix of Radio Programming – Textbook Shows A Chart Local Programming - original programming produced by radio station Prerecorded or Syndicated Programming (Format Syndication) - obtained from a commercial supplier outside the station News and Talk Network Programming - obtained from radio nets such as ABC, CBS or National Public Radio Feature Syndication - Chart Program Syndication - Chart Kinds of Radio Programming Music - most popular form of radio programming o Prerecorded or syndicated o 9 out of 10 stations use music as programming backbone News/Talk o Local shows includes news, sports, weather, traffic o Popular talk personalities are syndicated via satellite Modes of Radio Production o Local, live Production - station employs its own announcers and newscasters
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o Live-assist Production - station uses syndicated programming but retains local announcers o Semiautomation - station uses syndicated producer for majority of programming o Turnkey automation - station is fully automated o Voice tracking - computer automation makes it possible to program more than one station with same personnel Creating the Radio Format o Format - the overall sound and image of the radio station o Includes station’s approach to talk, music, promotion, ads community relations, personalities, etc
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Radio Programming Radio Regulation...

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