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EE_387_200809FA_Homework_Preparation_and - EE 387 Energy...

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EE 387 Energy Conversion Fall 2008 Homework Preparation and Submission Your solution to each problem should appear on the front of a separate page(s). All pages should be stapled together in the upper left-hand corner. The first page should include the assignment identifier (e.g., “Homework 1”) at top center as well as the course number, your section number, your name, and your level of effort (measured in hours) in the upper right-hand corner. You should not include your social security number or PSU ID number, as these are not necessary and require significantly more complicated handling on the part of course administrators. EE 387 Joe Student LoE: 3.5 hours Homework 1 1. Nothing but the specified information at the top of the first page. Each problem solution should include (usually): a circuit diagram(s) and/or mechanical diagram(s) with all components and variables of interest labeled; a mathematical model of the
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