JSherReview2 - Exam2 - Key People

JSherReview2 - Exam2 - Key People - James Hargreaves...

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History 175 Hour Exam #2 Review Terms Key People Renaissance: 14     th     to 17     th     Century     Johannes Gutenburg  1440’s Agricola  c. 1556 Leonardo Da Vinci  1453-1519 Scientific Revolution: c. 1550-1750 Thomas Kuhn  Astronomy Nicolas Copernicus  c. 1543   Tyco Brahe  1546-1601 Johannes Kepler  1571-1630 Galileo Galilei  1564-1642 Baconian to Newtonian Order: 16     th     to 18     th      Century Francis Bacon  1561-1626 William Harvey  c. 1628 Rene Descartes  1596-1650 Boyle  1608-1691 Robert Hooke  1635-1793 Isaac Newton  1642-1727 Torcelli  Andreas Vesalius  c. 1543 Conrad Gesner Geology Nils Stensen  1638-1686 Plutonists(Hutton) Neptunists(Werner) Uniformitarianists (Charles Lyell) Industrial Revolution:   1760-1840
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Unformatted text preview: James Hargreaves Richard Arkwright Samuel Crompton John Kay 1733 Steam Engine Era John Smeaton Pascal 1650 Thomas Savery c. 1698 Edward Cartwright 1785 Richard Roberts 1825 Thomas Newcomen James Watt c.1776 John Calvin Max Wber Luddites c. 1811-1816 Natural History 19 th Century Gesner 1515-1565 John Ray 1628-1705 Nils Stensen 1638-1686 Linnaeus 1701-1778 Georges LeClerk 1707-1788 Jean Baptiste Lamarck 1744-1829 Georges Cuvier 1769-1832 Thomas Malthus c. 1798 William Paley c. 1802 Charles Darwin 1809-1882 Herbert Spencer 1820-1903 Huxley-Wilberforce 1860 Herbert Spencer 1820-1903...
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JSherReview2 - Exam2 - Key People - James Hargreaves...

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