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Chemical Kinetics Eliza Elliot Lab Partner: Dante Calise 4/2/2017
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Introduction Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is to determine the rate order of a reaction by graphing the absorbancies of the reaction. Background: Experimental A 250 mL beaker was filled with 25 mL of 0.00002 M stock solution of crystal violet. The hydroxide component was prepared separately by pipetting 5 mL of 0.02 M NaOH into a 25 mL volumetric flask. The colorimeter was set up and calibrated. The reaction was initiated as sodium hydroxide was quickly poured into the crystal violet beaker and was stirred with a rod. On the computer, the data collection was begun and after about 2-3 minutes, a cuvette prepared with the reaction mixture was placed inside the colorimeter. When the absorbance reading stabilized, the
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