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Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:40–4:00 PM, 138 Chemistry (Sections 13-24, 26, 27) Prerequisite: Passing grade in CEM 141 or CEM 151 or CEM 181H or LBS/LBC 171 Course Description: Kinetics; gaseous equilibria; acids and bases; pH; buffers; hydroly - sis; titrations; heterogeneous equilibria; thermodynamics; redox and electrochemistry; transition metal chemistry; nuclear chemistry; main group chemistry. People Prof. Lynmarie Posey 61 Chemistry, posey@cem.msu.edu , 5-9715 x210 [N.B. When sending e-mail, please put CEM 142 in the subject line and send e-mail from your MSU account.] Office Hours: Mondays 9:30-10:30 AM (starting 1/21/08), Wednesdays 2-3 PM (starting 1/9/08) and by appointment General Chemistry Office Staff Ms. Wendy Whitford , General Chemistry Coordinator, tsuji@cem.msu.edu Dr. Steve Poulios , Undergraduate Program Manager, poulios@msu.edu The General Chemistry Office is located in Room 185, Chemistry and is open from 8 AM–12 PM and 1 PM–5 PM, M–F. The phone number is 5-9715 x322. Teaching Assistants A list of names and recitation assignments will be distributed next week. 2 Course Materials Textbook (Required) Chemistry: The Practical Science , Volume 2 by P. Kelter, M. Mosher, A. Scott, and C. W. McLaughlin (Houghton Mifflin: Boston, 2008). [ISBN 978-0-618-99035-1] N.B.This is a custom-published edition that contains only the chapters of the full text that are used in CEM 142. In addition, a supplementary chapter entitled “Chemistry of Main Group Elements” taken from General Chemistry, 8th ed. by Ebbing and Gammon is included. Supplemental Materials (Recommended) 1. Chemistry 142 Lecture Notes by P. W. W. Hunter (ISBN 0-9630471-7-5) is available from the General Chemistry Office and local bookstores for $10. 2. Chemistry 142 Examinations and Solutions 2001–2007 (ISBN 0-9630471-2-4) can be purchased in the General Chemistry Office and local bookstores for $15. 3. Chemistry 142 Study Guide , P. W. W. Hunter and A. M. Pollock (ISBN 0-759-35457-X) can be purchased at the local bookstores. 3 Important Dates Ë Wednesday, February 13, 7:15–8:35 PM, First Mid-term Examination Ë Wednesday, March 26, 7:15–8:35 PM, Second Mid-term Examination Ë Wednesday, April 30, 12:45–2:45 PM, Final Examination Ë Saturdays at 8 AM, CAPA Problem Sets are due. (See CEM 142 Calendar for dates.) Students who have a course conflict with the Wednesday evening mid-term examina - tions may sign up in the General Chemistry Office to take the make-up exams which will be given during class (2:40–4:00 PM) on Thursday, February 14 and Thursday, March 27. You must sign up in advance and receive permission to take the make-up examinations. 4
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1_LectureWeb - The Course CEM 142: General & Inorganic...

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