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1 University of Maryland, College Park HIST 175 (Fall 2006) Examples of good student writing for the first test given this semester Note : These test answers have dates, names of concepts or terms from historical interpretation, proper names, specific fact details that support generalizations, relating these details specifically to science or technology, not repeating things; the China essay, in particular, is written with great confidence and effective, logical grammar. Part I - Short Answers Silk Route 1. The silk route was a road that connected the civilizations of the Far East with those of the Near East and Europe. It allowed for trade between said nations and inspired mercantilism during the Middle Ages. It also contributed to later expansion of European countries (e.g., Columbus's quest was originally focused on finding an alternate route to the Far East). Plato 1. Plato was one of the leading philosophers in Greece during the Hellenic period of 600 to 300 BCE. He was a student of Socrates and was the first to centralize and set up an institution for the teaching of philosophy, called the Academy at Athens. He focused on natural philosophy and trying to figure out the world around him. His work in cosmology led him to a hypothesis that heavenly bodies revolved around stationary earth. Stirrup 1. The stirrup is a metal ring hanging from the horse where the rider would place his feet. It aided in the mounting and stabilizing oneself while riding the horse. As a result, the stirrup enabled riders to wear heavy armor without falling off the horse. The stirrup was invented in China in 477 AD. It helped to revolutionize warfare as it allowed armored soldiers to be able to ride the horse into battle. It further revolutionized the European economy as it allowed for the sustaining of Feudalism because it allowed the key figure in this system, the knight, to be armored and ride the horse.
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hist175.test1.essay.examples - University of Maryland,...

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