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ISS 315 Sec. 4 Fall 2008 FIRST TEST STUDY GUIDE 1. The process by which a tectonic plate consisting of less heavy rock rides up over a heavier plate is known as what? 2. A large scale map shows what size area? 3. The prevailing climatic type in the southeastern United States, Western Europe, southern Brazil and northern Argentina, south coastal South Africa and Australia, eastern China and southern Japan is the mid-latitude or what? (a name rather than a letter designation). 4. Where are the four largest population concentrations in the world? 5. Savanna environments belong to the general climate type know as what? (a name rather than a letter designation). 6. What environmental type is found in the B climate? 7. What/where are the four motors of Europe? 8. Europe’s relative location is what to the land hemisphere? 9. What are some of the characteristics of the North European Lowland? 10. The geographic principle under which particular peoples and particular places concentrate on the production of particular goods is known as what? 11. The emergence of modern Europe after the Dark Ages is known as the what? 12. What are some of the non-Slavic languages in Europe? 13. A country's leading urban center, disproportionately large and exceptionally expressive of national feelings, such as Paris is to France, is known as the country’s what? 14. The process whereby regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy is known as what? 15. The voluntary association of three or more countries for a common good is known as what? 16. What religious group has formed a growing presence in many European countries? 17. In 2007 the population of the world was about what number? 18. What was the name of the US plan to aid Europe after WW II? 19. How does globalization affect contrasts between countries and regions? 20. What is the major chain of mountains in Europe referred to as? 21. A country that was divided into two political units after World War II was what? 22.
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First_Test_2008_FALL_Study_Guide_ISS_315 - MICHIGAN STATE...

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