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THE PACIFIC WORLD AND ITS ISLAND REGIONS I. Introduction A. The bulk of the land area of the Pacific realm is on the island of __________ B. The Realm consists of three regions, 1) ________________ 2) ________________ 3) ________________ C. The islands and cultures can be divided in two types 1) ________ "high-island" 2) _____ "low island" D. Of the three areas the __________ culture has the most consistency and uniformity. II. Melanesia A. the name comes from the color of the ____ and ____ of the natives which is _____ B. Principle islands are New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon, Vanuatu and _________________ C. _____ New Guinea is the most populous area with 4.1 million people. Only __% of the people in New Guinea live in urban areas. The remainder are rural. D. The Melanesians practice ___________ style agriculture living on various ____ crops and _______. E. Copper, gold and oil have recently been discovered in the area. III. Micronesia A. the name comes from the fact that all of the islands in this area are _____.
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Unformatted text preview: B. The 2000 islands of this region can be divided into ________ islands and _____ reef islands. C. People on the volcanic islands practice ___________. D. People on the coral islands ____. E. Prior to 1986 the area was controlled by the U.S. as a trust territory supervised by the U.N. F. The Mariana islands and the Marshall islands are part of this area. These islands were the sites of several major battles during _____. G. High island peoples and low island peoples interact together, trading goods and food. IV. Polynesia A. Name comes from the many islands which are found in the area. B. Polynesians have a _______ skin and ______ hair than the Melanesians and the Micronesians. C.Polynesia includes the Hawaiian islands as well as Tahiti,______Island, Cook islands and formerly New Zealand. D. The Hawaiian Islands became the 50th state in ____. E. Much of Polynesia is under threat of loss of culture due to western settlement and influence in the area....
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