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SOUTHEAST ASIA I. Introduction A. Numerous ______________ and _____________. B. Area is experiencing _____________. C. Mainland southeast asia physiologic population density is relatively ___ as compared to neighboring regions, and population is _________. D. Communication with the outside is _____ but internal communication is ______. II. Population Patterns A. As compared to _____ and _____ Southeast Asia has a significantly less population density. Why? (Population of SE Asia is _______________.) B. The ____________ and _____________ is such that it is difficult to access portions of the area. C. ____________ ____________ is less in Southeast Asia than in China and India. Consequently fewer people. D. Why is the land less productive? ________ climate, _______ soils and in some areas, savannah with inconsistent rainfall. E. The Clusters 1. Three kinds of environments where people are found. a) _____ _____ _______. (Why?) 1. The ______________ (Myanmar) 2. The Chao Phyraya (Thailand) 3. The ____________ (South Vietnam) 4. The ___________ River (North Vietnam) b) around ________ ________ (extremely fertile) c) in the __________ area of Malaya 2. Fewer people are found in the rain forest _____ of the area. However, the separation of the hill people from the lowland farming people has resulted in considerable unrest in the area. III. Indochina A. Area is called indochina because of the influence of _____ and _____. B. The dominate religion in indochina is _____. 90% of the population are believers. C. People of Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia are ________ (Ceylon influence) D. Chinese located throughout the region are typically ________. E. _____ religion, indian architecture and art are also present due to the influence of India. F. Chinese in the area are typically _________ and are frequently ________ by the native population. IV. The Ethnic Mosaic A. Largest ethnic grouping is the ___________ which includes the Filipinos, Malays and Indonesians.
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SEASIA_2007_Blanks - SOUTHEAST ASIA I. Introduction A....

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