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SECOND TEST STUDY GUIDE 1. Canada’s major trading partner is what country? 2. _____ percentage of North American society lives in urban areas. 3. The United States is approximately _________ times larger than Canada in terms of population. 4. The major mountain chain in the eastern United States is the what? 5. Which of the following states contains territory located in the Intermontane Basin and Plateau physiographic province? A. Wisconsin B. Texas C. Pennsylvania D. Nevada E. New York 6. The Great Lakes’ main outlet to the sea is the what? 7. Which western United States city is least likely to suffer from the adverse effects of the “rain shadow” phenomenon? A. San Francisco B. Denver C. Salt Lake City D. Las Vegas E. Phoenix 8. The peoples called Native Americans in the U.S. are called __________ in Canada. 9. Which of the following areas was not one of the cultural hearths of the United States? A. New England B. The Ohio River Valley C. Middle-Atlantic Pennsylvania D. Tidewater Maryland E. Tidewater Virginia 10. In 1980, the geographic form of the American city was most strongly shaped by what? 11. Which religious group does not fit with the area identified? A. Mormons and New York B. Jews and urban areas C. Baptists and the South D. Catholics and the Northeast E. Lutherans and the upper Midwest 12. A group which will soon become more numerous than Americans of African descent are what? 13. Which of the following is a secondary economic activity? A. iron mining B. beer brewing C. retail sales D. managing a corporation E. farming 14. The United States is particularly well endowed with what mineral? 15. Which city is not located within the American Manufacturing Belt (the Continental Core)? 16. Montreal and the lower course of the St. Lawrence Seaway are located in the Canadian province of ________. 17. What are Canada’s Atlantic provinces? 18. What are Canada’s Prairie provinces? 19. Aboriginal peoples in Canada have had their rights recognized by the Federal government as evidenced by the formation of what province? 20.
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Second_Test_Study_Guide_2 - SECOND TEST STUDY GUIDE 1. 2....

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