Perception_journal - little something like this “Hey Mark...

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9/26/07 HCOMM 100 Journal: Perception 1. Concerning perception, I typically tend to interpret things before I describe the situation. This causes me to have a limited evaluation, especially with people. I’m also very quick to interpret and evaluate a person, which sometimes leads to a negative perception. 2. I learned a tremendous amount during the in-class practice session. After some application, I felt very comfortable checking my perception through understanding the 5- step perception process and I thought it was an excellent way to obtain my needs and the needs of others. I did have a bit of trouble when it came to accurately describing the behavior but now that I’ve practiced, I feel very comfortable using this skill in everyday communication. 3. I was frustrated that my friend hadn’t returned my DVD so I decided to approach him thanks to the skills I gained from the perception workshop. My sound byte went a
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Unformatted text preview: little something like this: “Hey Mark, I noticed that you’ve had my DVD for about a month now. I get the feeling that you may want to keep it. Is that true?” He told me that he wouldn’t mind keeping it if it was alright with me. I replied with “I understand that you really want to watch the movie but I would really like to have it back because I haven’t seen it in a while. Is there any way we can make that happen?” He told me he would get it back to me as soon as he could. It still hasn’t happened but I’m hoping it will soon. 4. I feel that my use of the perception skill was fairly effective in this situation, even though I don’t have the DVD in my hands. I followed the guide for perception checking and that helped out tremendously. The attempt to integrate my skill practice and the material presented in class was extremely successful due to the workshop I took part in....
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Perception_journal - little something like this “Hey Mark...

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