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Curious Incident Paper - Curious Incident Adapting can be...

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Curious Incident Adapting can be exceedingly difficult, especially when it comes to social behavior. Social cues are actually very complicated, and some people communicate differently than others. Unfortunately, it is crucial that people adapt enough so that they can function in society and not be completely dependent on others. The character Christopher from Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is an example of a person who communicates on a completely different level than nearly everyone. Body language and facial expressions are a mystery to him. The concept of lying is hard to grasp. He lived his life according to schedules and patterns, so when something devastated his equilibrium, he embarked on an adventure that was essential for his personal growth and development and, ultimately, his adaptation. Christopher equated love with being truthful. He thought his father loved him, but when his father confessed to lying about something, Christopher felt a horrible sense of betrayal. Not only that, but his father had also admitted to killing Wellington, a neighbor’s dog whom Christopher had liked. Since Christopher thought his father did not love him, his logical assumption was that his father could kill him as well. This thought was terrifying enough to make Christopher do something that was extremely difficult for him. Christopher said that the fear of new places was the same as his fear for his father, but he felt his only available option was to live with his mother in London. Christopher lived his life by schedules and hated when something unexpected happened. He was overly wary of strangers and did not like to be touched. In order to get to London,
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Curious Incident Paper - Curious Incident Adapting can be...

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