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Study Guide 3 - Study Guide Psychology 3rd Exam Chapter 2...

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Study Guide Psychology 3 rd Exam Chapter 2 (p.34-39) - Instincts and Unconscious Motivations- Part of Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory. Part of the basic biological urges. - Three Personality Components o Id- impulse o Ego- rational side of the individual o Super Ego- internalized moral standards o Conflict among the three is inevitable - Freud’s Psychosexual Stages o Oral (birth-1) o Anal (1-3) o Phallic (3-6) o Latent (6-12) o Genital (12 and up) - Defense Mechanisms o Fixation- Arrested Development o Regression- Revert to infantile behavior o Denial o Suppression - Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development o Trust vs Mistrust o Autonomy vs Shame o Initiative vs Guilt o Industry vs Inferiority o Identity vs Role Confusion o Intimacy vs Isolation o Generativity vs Stagnation o Integrity vs Despair - Strengths and Weaknesses of Erikson’s Theory o Captured central development issues o Vague and difficult to test o Uses description but does not explain Chapter 8: - Analogy of Computers and the Human brain o Hardware Computer- the machine Brain- the central nervous system o Information-Processing approach to human cognition- emphasizes the basic mental processes - Memory Systems o Short Term- holds info temporarily; executes operations on information.
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o Long Term- relatively permanent store; knowledge of the world, past events, information-processing strategies. - Implicit Memory o Nondeclarative memory o Occurs unintentionally, automatically, without awareness - Explicit Memory o Declarative memory o Involves deliberate, effortful recollection of events - Measuring Memory in Infants o Types of assessment Imitation Habituation Operant conditioning Recall - Memory Change over Lifespan
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Study Guide 3 - Study Guide Psychology 3rd Exam Chapter 2...

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