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MGT 450 Nosky 83908

MGT 450 Nosky 83908 - MGT 450 Changing Business Processes...

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MGT 450 - Changing Business Processes Fall 2008 PROFESSOR: Richard Nosky OFFICE HOURS: Monday, 4:00 – 6:00pm Available by Appointment OFFICE: 367M CONTACT INFO: 480.577.8604 cell 480.965.8050 office CLASS #: 83908 MEETING TIME & Monday, 12:55 pm – 3:55 pm CLASSROOM: BA L1-27 TEXT BOOK Process Mapping, Process Improvement and Process Management , by Donald J. Madison, Patton Press, 2005, ISBN – 13: 978-1-932828-04-7. COURSE OVERVIEW The focus of this course is on changing business processes to improve organizational performance. Students must apply appropriate tools to analyze tradeoffs among objectives, identify feasible alternatives, assess alternatives, prescribe and justify problem solutions, and plan implementation. During the semester, each of you will work as part of a team to describe, analyze, and suggest changes to a business process currently employed or to design a new business process. You will work with a firm that has volunteered to participate. Your primary purpose will be to understand current processes, explore innovative changes, and then provide practical recommendations that will improve one or more dimensions of the client’s business process (i.e., productivity, cost, quality, time, flexibility). In most cases, the client organization will have a clear idea of which dimension they want to target for improvement. The project will also give you the opportunity to apply some of the theories and techniques you have learned to a “real-world” situation outside the classroom. In the third week, you will be introduced to the potential projects and form into project teams. During the remainder of the semester, you and your teammates will interact with representatives of the client organization, collect information from managers and specialists, and prepare reports for the client and the class. The research, analysis and presentation work will require close cooperation among team members. Both individual and group assignments will be given. You will find that the weeks of the semester will pass very quickly. Your success will depend in large part on your ability to structure and schedule your workload so you have the data and the time needed before making decisions and recommendations. A set of guidelines is provided to help you visualize and prioritize the elements of the project. 1
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COURSE OBJECTIVES This is a “capstone” course in which you are expected to use all knowledge and skills attained in your previous classroom and work experiences. Academically, you will acquire knowledge and skills in business process improvement, project management, and teamwork. You will apply these skills, as a consulting team, to deliver effective analyses of a specific business process and practical recommendations to the client. PREREQUISITES : SCM 300 (formerly OPM 301), QBA 221 TEAMWORK Students will be working in consulting teams this semester. Students who do not pull their weight on their team can be fired. If a team member is fired they will be given an individual project by the instructor and will be expected to meet the same standards of a five-person team.
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MGT 450 Nosky 83908 - MGT 450 Changing Business Processes...

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