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lecture 7 textt - 11. Jean-Jacques Rousseau from France,...

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Classical Music: 1750 – 1820 Lecture 7 20 Sentences – Text 1. The Classical period can best be described by the Apollonian Cult of Ancient Greece. 2. The Seven Years War, which occurred during this time, influenced the song writing and expression. 3. Bach was a great composer of this time/ 4. The criterion for artistic judgment was Sentiment. 5. Absolute music proliferated this period in symphonic and chamber music forms. 6. The style of the bourgeoisie was ostentatiously plain instead of ornate. 7. The style was simple rather than excessive during this time. 8. Classical Temper infused clarity, balance, simplicity, and refinement into creative forms. 9. Ludwig von Beethoven was an outstanding composer of the classical time. 10. Ludwig von Beethoven had an abusive and alcoholic father who could push him extremely hard to improve his skills in music.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Jean-Jacques Rousseau from France, was a classical composer who stood out during this period 12. Domenico Cimarosa and Giovanni Paisello were both Italian Classical composers. 13. Beethoven became deaf and lived his life silent although he would go on to compose an amazing array of music. 14. Beethoven broke from the rigid, and limited Classical style and served as the nexus into Romanticism. 15. Beethoven was a true Romantic. 16. Beethoven wrote with a revolutionary element as mode of self expression. 17. William Billings was a composer of Classical music from the United States 18. The society of the time was very sophisticated and elegant. 19. There was a rise in wealth of the middle class during this time. 20. The new rights of the individual gave way to the rise of the middle class....
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lecture 7 textt - 11. Jean-Jacques Rousseau from France,...

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