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Moulin Rouge Essay essy - An Assault On the Senses Frank...

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An Assault On the Senses Frank Swietek, Professor of History, from One Guy’s Opinion , writes “Moulin Rouge, D-” with no mercy whatsoever for the content of Moulin Rouge . “…big, garish, loud and dumb as a box of Rockettes--less a coherent movie than a visual and aural assault on the senses.”(Swietek). His depiction of the film Moulin Rouge , written and directed by Baz Luhrmann, offers little or no room for applause of the piece. He argues that the intense use of variation in the film results in a musical that is nothing short of ridiculous. He depicts the editing style as obnoxious and extravagantly misused. Swietek argues that Luhrmann’s style for this film, a somewhat operatic one, is nothing close to irresistible. He describes Luhrmann’s use of pop songs to help narrate the story as ‘jaw-droppingly awful.’ Swietek also argues that the performers in this film strenuously labor in an attempt to meet the director’s needs but are unsuccessful. McGregor’s character, the penniless writer, is described as overly melodramatic, yet handsome and strong voiced. Swietek leaves room for the fact that one could get some enjoyment out of the film, through the use of rich reds and blues, and use of recognizable pieces on music. Although some praise is given, it is given to the reader only on the premise that they must ‘leave there brain at the door’, insisting that this film is only enjoyable by an audience of simple-minded fools. Overall, Swietek does not give this movie much credit at all, touching on all of its controversial techniques with negative response. Swietek’s approach to the film “Moulin Rouge” leaves little or no room for the praise it deserves. He repeatedly targets this films use of extravagant cinematography, saying that it becomes a positively painful two hours. Perhaps Swietek would feel more
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comfortable watching a boring old black-and-white musical such as Showboat, filmed in 1929, with outdated songs such as Cotton Blossom and Ol' Man River . He fails to see how this use of mise-en-scene shapes the film and creates the unique feel that is successfully delivered. He also targets the films use of pop songs to help narrate the
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Moulin Rouge Essay essy - An Assault On the Senses Frank...

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