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Lecture notes 11 - 11 With musical instruments the silence...

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Infastructure Lecture 1 20 sentences - lecture 1. Some of the types of forms of music include Binary, Ternary, Rondo and Sonata. 2. A song is referred to a chanson in France, while in Germany it is referred to as a lieder. 3. Music can be used in Sacred situations, such as during a mass or during a requiem. 4. Three different music forms include a motif, a logo or a symbol of what the piece is all about,a phrase which is an extended version of a motif, and then there is a theme which is even longer than a phrase. 5. Two themes would be equivalent to half of a song. 6. An example of a fugue, a type of form, would be the song, Row Row Your Boat. 7. Often used in Jazz music, an iso rhythm is repeated rhythms throughout a song. 8. Music that helps to illustrate a story or project a picture is called program music. 9. The elements of music include melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and dynamics. 10. Melody is the linear arrangement of tones, if it is less than three tones then it is not a melody.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. With musical instruments, the silence is just as important as the sound the instrument makes. 12. Musical instruments came to be through the need for communication, survival, and entertainment. 13. Hollow bones and wood were used to telegraph rhythmic sounds to one another to perhaps warn of an intruder or bad weather. 14. The invention of the bow and arrow, which was used for survival purposes, became the forerunner to the violin. 15. The First true musical instrument was the Lyre, which was used for entertainment purposes. 16. There are four main families of the orchestra, including precussion, brass, woodwinds and the strings. 17. Precussion instruments are instruments which are struck in order to operate. 18. The education I am receiving at Orange Coast College will cost Tax payers more money than The tuition required for a student at USC. 19. The term C.Y.A. refers to the phrase Cover Your Ass. 20.A syllabus is a contract or a promise between the student and professor...
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Lecture notes 11 - 11 With musical instruments the silence...

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