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Learning Objectives 1/31/08 You should: 1. be able to apply the Brønsted-Lowry acid and base definitions to identify acids, bases, and conjugate acid-base pairs. 2. know how to write the formula for the conjugate base of a Brønsted-Lowry acid or conjugate acid of a Brønsted-Lowry base. 3. understand how strong acids and bases differ from weak acids and bases. 4. know the relationship between the relative strength of an acid and the relative strength of its conjugate base. 5. understand that equilibrium in acid-base reactions favors transfer of a proton (H + ) from the stronger acid to the stronger base resulting in formation of the weaker acid and the weaker base. 6. be prepared to write balanced chemical equations for the reactions that occur when acids and bases are added to water and to use these equations to write equilibrium constant expressions for K a and K b . 7. know that H 3 O + is the strongest acid that can exist in water. As a consequence, all strong acids are levelled to H 3 O + , and they have conjugate bases that are ineffective as bases in aqueous solutions and have no effect on pH. 8. know that OH - is the strongest base that can exist in water and as such bases stron - ger than OH - cannot exist in water and will be levelled to OH - . 9. be able to calculate the pH of solutions produced when weak acids or bases are added to water. 10. understand the processes that occur when salts are dissolved in water.
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8_LectureWeb - Learning Objectives 1/31/08 You should: 1....

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