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Announcements Reminder First Examination-Wednesday, February 13, 7:15–8:35 PM If you have a class conflict, stop by the General Chemistry Office (Room 185) today to sign up for the alternate exam time. You must have a class conflict and you must sign up in advance to take the alternate exam during class (2:40–4:00 PM) on Thursday, February 14. Learning Objectives 2/5/08 You should: 1. understand what happens when salts dissolve in water. 2. know and be able to apply the relationship between K a for an acid and K b for its conju - gate base. 3. know that the conjugate bases of strong acids are ineffective as bases and have no effect on pH. 4. know that the conjugate acids of strong bases are ineffective as acids and consequently have no effect on pH. 5. be able to predict the pH (<, =, > 7.0) of aqueous solutions of salts, i.e. is the solution acidic, neutral, or basic? 6. be able to identify acids as monoprotic or polyprotic. 7. recognize salts of polyprotic acids. 8. be able to write balanced chemical equations for the equilibria that exist in solutions containing polyprotic acids or salts of polyprotic acids. 9. understand that polyprotic acids are ionized successively. 2
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9_LectureWeb - Announcements Reminder First...

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