Midterm-1%20140A%20Fall%2007-Key - Chemistry 140A Fall,...

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Chemistry 140A TOTAL POSSIBLE: 150 Fall, 2007 POINTS MISSED: - 0 First Midterm Exam-150 points 10/24/07 TOTAL: 150 DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. ....FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION NOW : . YOUR NAME (Print): Ima Key PID: _________________________________________________ SIGNATURE: _________________________________________ ID checker initials: ____________________ If you wish to have any answers considered for a re-grade, your exam must be completed in INK .
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1. (26 points) HMPA is a polar, aprotic solvent similar to DMSO (an example presented at the first recitation). The atom connectivity and molecular formula of HMPA is shown. First, in the box provided, provide the Lewis dot structure for HMPA (do NOT draw out the methyls). Use dots ONLY for lone electron pairs. Use lines to represent bonds. This Lewis dot structure must NOT contain any formal charges. Next, in the boxes provided, draw three additional resonance contributors derived from this Lewis structure. These three contributors (#1, #2, and #3) MUST be degenerate with each other . In addition, none of the atoms in
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Midterm-1%20140A%20Fall%2007-Key - Chemistry 140A Fall,...

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