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Learning Objectives 2/19/08 You should: 1. understand that heterogeneous equilibria involve species in more than one phase. 2. be familiar with the general solubility rules for ionic compounds; however, it is not necessary to memorize them. 3. be able to write balanced chemical equations for the dissolution of ionic compounds (salts) in water and then use these equations to write solubility product ( K sp ) expres - sions for the equilibrium established between the undissolved solid and the solvated ions produced by dissociation and solvation. 4. know how to calculate K sp using solubility data. 5. be prepared to use K sp to determine the solubility of ionic compounds. 6. be able to use the reaction quotient Q sp to predict if a precipitate will form when two solutions containing soluble ionic compounds are combined. Heterogeneous Equilibria Heterogeneous equilibria involve species in 2 or more phases. Solubility equilibria are a specific type of heterogeneous equilibrium. Consider the solubility of the following ionic compounds in water: KOH 1430 g/1000g H 2 O NaCl 357 g/1000g H 2 O CaCO 3 0.008 g/1000g H 2 O General Guidelines for Classifying the Solubility of Compounds in Water (no need to memorize) Ë Soluble compounds dissolve in amounts 10 g//1000g H 2 O at room temperature. Ë
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12_LectureWeb - Learning Objectives You should 1 understand...

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