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issaareview - over more qualified whites our focus and...

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Brandon McCormick ISS Affirmative Action Review This film was a documentary film about affirmative action. I thought the film was very well done. There were a lot of people who would be considered experts on the topic debating affirmative action in theory and in practice. I thought the host did a good job of staying neutral during the debates before voicing his own opinion at the end, which I thought was fair. He also did a good job of presenting a thorough background on the topic. As for my own beliefs on the issue, I say: why does race even matter? Why does it matter if you’re white or black? If we want to get past the racial borders then we need to drop them completely. We should hire, promote, and admit solely on merit and if whites are disproportionately more qualified then blacks, then that is the issue that needs to be addressed. We need to address it where it starts, not where it ends. Instead of rewarding less qualified minorities
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Unformatted text preview: over more qualified whites, our focus and energy should be put towards making those minorities more qualified. I’m not talking about admitting more blacks into Harvard or Yale, but from the beginning offering underprivileged children the same opportunity to get a better education early off. There are white underprivileged kids too and this is where the problem stems from. It’s the government’s responsibility to offer everyone the same opportunity from the beginning and let them make of it what they want. Children growing up in the ghetto don’t have the same opportunities as those growing up in the suburbs. There are family problems, food problems, and education problems growing up; so how could someone be equally as qualified to get into Harvard as a suburban? Those are the issues that are wrong with our society, and if the root is fixed, the rest of the flower will blossom....
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issaareview - over more qualified whites our focus and...

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