Iss 335 exam 4 study guide

Iss 335 exam 4 study guide - Mexicans Chicanos Mix of...

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Mexicans Chicanos Mix of European and Indian ancestry Mexico Land: CA, TX, NM, NV, UT, CO After the Mexican American War, that land was lost to the US TX broke away from Mexico in 1836 Mexican American War (1846-1848) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo-1848 Guaranteed basic rights to Mexicans, including full American citizenship, retention of Spanish as a legitimate language, ownership pf property. Laws were written in English, so Mexicans didn’t understand and did get to enforce the laws that were made for them. Puerto Ricans Means rich port in Spanish, useful location for warships Puerto Rico is a commonwealth, not a state They have been citizens since 1898 Don’t pay federal income tax Mostly concentrated in NYC Cuban Americans Fidel Castro overthrew Batista, which sparked migration to the US Communist- made previous politicians leave 1 st wave of immigration Politicians, doctors, well off people Puerto Rican Migration 1950’s unemployment on the island stimulated migration to the US worked in garment industry Outsourcing and cheap airfares led to remigration. Puerto Rican Political Discrimination They are underrepresented in all politics Political machines pay little attention to Puerto Ricans since they believe that they were not going to stay in the US for very long. Seen as immoral and criminal Mexican legal Discrimination Due to the fact that Mexicans could not speak English, the government didn’t enforce the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Deportation Zoot Suit Riot (pimp outfit) 2 nd generation Mexican American flaunting their identity Conflict between sailors and zoot suiters Pachucos- punks
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American religions: Mainline Church Roman catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian No literal interpretation of scriptures Low tensions between mainstream cultures Restrained courtship ceremonies Fundamental section Assemblies of God, Jeddah’s witness, Southern Baptist Literal interpretations of scriptures High tensions with dominant culture More critical of dominant culture Dramatic worship ceremony, lots of emotion/enthusiasm W.E. Dubois 1is black to receive Ph. D from Harvard Double – Consciousness Blacks see themselves as Americans but also see themselves through the
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Iss 335 exam 4 study guide - Mexicans Chicanos Mix of...

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