ISS 335 Study Guide for Exam 2

ISS 335 Study Guide for Exam 2 - ISS 335 Study Guide for...

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ISS 335 Study Guide for Exam 2 Immigration Foreign born coming into the United States History: Colonial period (1607-1800) 8o% of ppl were from Northern, Western Europe (England, Germany, France) 1800- 1880 England, northern/western Europeans and the Irish came over in large #’s 1880-1920 Great Wave of European immigration Ellis Island>large influx of southern and eastern Europeans(catholic/Jews) 1920-present 1924 immigration quotas restricting southern/eastern Europeans 1965 quotas were dropped large influx of Latin Americans and Asians WHY IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE REDUCED? New immigrants wont assimilate Immigrants crowd the welfare rolls Immigrants take away jobs We can’t absorb any more Racial and Ethnic Minorities Native American : 1/3 live on reserves Indian Removal Act 1830-tribes forces to move to west of the Mississippi Trail of Tears- they died while traveling to the west African American: 5% brought over as slaves / 12% of US population American apartheid-segregation of blacks in urban areas Asian American : Model minority-They filled American dream of an upward mobility as a result of hard work Ethno genesis-the creation of a pan-ethnic diverse groups(Asians are put into 1 group) Chinese Exclusion Act 1882- didn’t want anymore Chinese/Japanese are the only Asian American declining in numbers Latinos: Largest ethnic group (Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans) A Mexican can earn the same amount that here earns a day in Mexico, an hour in the US 4 MYTHS OF IMMIGRATION 1.America is being overrun w/immigrants 1910-15% was foreign born 2000-11% was foreign born 2.Immigrants take jobs from US citizens 3.Immigrants are a drain on resources burding the welfare system Proposition 187 4. belief that aliens refuse to assimilate and deprive us of our cultural unity
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Aguirre and Turner Ch.3 Anglo-Saxon core Culture- north European ancestry, protestant beliefs, English cultural traditions
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ISS 335 Study Guide for Exam 2 - ISS 335 Study Guide for...

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