lgs145 mid practice

lgs145 mid practice - Page 1 Legal Studies 145 Fall 2002...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Legal Studies 145 Fall, 2002 Prof. Ingberman Midterm Quiz Instructions 1. Grading is anonymous. Please put your student ID number (or, if that is not possible, another uniquely identifying number, such as your social security number, drivers’ license #, etc., of course identifying what kind of number you are using) on the top of this cover page, and as soon as we begin, please also place your student ID number on the top of every page of the quiz. 2. There are a total of 14 questions, but they are not evenly weighted. 3. The questions are problem-based and do not require regurgitation of facts. 4. You may use one 8.5”x11” page of notes, but they must be readable if one of us passes by your desk. 7. Class will not be held this Friday, October 25 th . Please use this time to begin reviewing the materials that lie ahead in the course. Page 2 I. Short Answer (1 problem, 15%). Briefly answer the following question in a paragraph or two. 1. As a polluter, would you prefer that a damages remedy or only an injunctive remedy be available to the victims of your pollution? II. True/False/Explain (8 problems, 40%). Say whether each statement is true or false. Also briefly explain your answer in a sentence or two, or with a diagram.false....
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lgs145 mid practice - Page 1 Legal Studies 145 Fall 2002...

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