Midterm2 2008

Midterm2 2008 - NAME SECTION(TA or Day Time CONSERVATION...

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NAME____________________________                                                          CONSERVATION AND THE HUMAN PREDICAMENT MIDTERM #2 ANBI 132/ BIEB176 Strum/Woodruff SPRING 2008 Time allowed for exam is 50 minutes. This exam is worth 30% of your course grade. No calculators, open books or notes are allowed. Students  found to have violated the code of integrity will receive the grade of FAIL in the course.  All answers must be in  ink . Answers presented in pencil cannot be re-graded.  Illegible answers will  receive no points.  Correct answers will fit in the spaces provided. In some questions the graders may award more points for  precise or specifically documented answers than for general answers offering little more than correct and  appropriate clichés. Read the questions carefully to help focus your answer. To preserve the atmosphere for concentration, we request that nobody leave the room in the last ten  minutes of the exam (11:40 – 11:50 am). Please, if you are finished, sit back and relax! Please! Put your name on all five pages  NOW . Grader use only page 2 ________/ pts page 3   ________/ pts page 4 ________/ pts page 5 ________/ pts Total score  _______/ pts
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NAME____________________________ Midterm 2 2008 5/25/08 SCS v.5.2 : 1. Briefly state 2 features of the U.S. Endangered Species Act that make it the strongest environmental law in the U.S. (2pts) applies to everyone applies everywhere listing based only on “best available scientific and commercial data” (economics excluded) no exceptions (almost) or moderation provisions for strong enforcement (you can go to jail) 2. What is a HCP? Briefly discuss one benefit and one challenge of HCP’s in California. (3 pts) Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP): allows development to proceed on a regional scale Benefit: Creates large preserves to protect species and habitats Can control suburban sprawl Simplifies permitting Helps recover endangered species Lower longer-term cost to landowners Creates a market for open space lands Challenge High short term cost Time a while Requires extensive coop Need political will and leadership Not pure preservation: net loss of habitat Individual species still require management 3. Briefly present 2 reasons why Dr. Paul Dayton worries about the decline in appreciation of natural history in science/ society. (2 pts) natural history is needed to understand ecosystems and find solutions to environmental degradation
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Midterm2 2008 - NAME SECTION(TA or Day Time CONSERVATION...

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