ISS 335 Exam 1 Study terms

ISS 335 Exam 1 Study terms - ISS 335 Exam 1 Study terms...

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ISS 335 Exam 1 Study terms Social Construction of Race: The way as the United States defines race, other countries define race differently. Racialization: changing our view of race Hypo-descent: any racial intermixture makes one non-white. Dominant group in America - White upper class male, heterosexual, protestant, Ivy League schools. Social Construction of Class: White Collar Employment - non-manual labor (not working with your hands) Blue Collar Employment - manual labor (carpenter, painter, factory worker) Social Construction of Gender: Gender roles are a product of socialization and cultural conditioning. Males/females are put into different roles at their working jobs (changing a tire, sewing a button) “Gender is both achieved and ascribed- assigned at birth” “Night to his day” Children are treated differently to show genders ~in western societies: male/female ~In other societies: male/female/berdachs- biological males acting as social women ~In our society: transsexual- sex change operation transvestites- cross dressers transgender- males who live as females and females that live as men. Social Construction of Sexuality: Society channels the feelings of sexuality and that being heterosexual is the right way to be in society. Children are taught to have sex at marriage and to bare children of their own however that culture changes the views of sex and it is seen as pleasurable as well. Ruth Hubbard - she proposes that maybe we should encourage children to engage in sexual situations before marriage. Apparently it might be helpful in understanding adulthood and sex. Our sexual behavior comes from the socialization of people. Jim Crow: System of Segregation (Civil War -WW II) “Ethnics of Living Jim Crow” – talks of code of racial etiquette Wright worked in an optical company Wright worked as a porter in a clothing store Wright was riding his bike and he was hit with a bottle Wright worked as a hall-boy He said that he would help but he has no power to do it
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~a time where blacks were segregated from whites and there was no intermixing. Supreme Court Rulings
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ISS 335 Exam 1 Study terms - ISS 335 Exam 1 Study terms...

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