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Key for Midterm #1 CHP 2008 1. List three reasons that historically played a role in U.S. National Park establishment? (3 points) Answer: Landscapes, historical sites, monuments, ecology (though historically rare), buildings, objects, sights, natural phenomenon, recreation. 2. Explain the predicted change in species number that will follow a 10-fold decrease in the area of available habitat (2 points) Answer: According to the area-species relationship and the island biogeographic model a 90% (10- fold) decrease in the area of a habitat may result in a 50% reduction in the number of species. See Primack Fig. 2.4 or Lecture 10. 1 point for the general result 1 point for the explanation 3. Briefly explain the statement: Nature is a cultural construction. (2 points) Answer: Different cultures see nature in different ways because of their subsistence styles and based on traditional values. Culture acts as a filter for perceptions of what nature means, which is based on historical, philosophical, scientific factors. Culture conditions perception of environment. Concepts and attitudes are sophisticaled cultural responses. 4. List three concepts found in Non-Western folk models of nature. (3 points) Answer: Cycles of renewal and rebirth; nonlinear time; nature as process; everything has spirit (animism); natural balance and harmony; everything has a right to exist; human part of nature; human minor partners; humans must request “use” 5. Describe with a labeled diagram what happens as a country goes through the demographic transition. (3 points) Answer: Graphs presented in Lecture 4 showing that birth rate and death rate change over time. First BR and DR are high. Second, DR falls while BR stays high. Third, BR falls to near new DR. Four, BR and DR are relatively low. 0.5 point for each of the four phases = 2 points 0.5 point for labeling axes and the two rate lines 0.5 for noting that the country’s population “explodes” or grows rapidly during the phases when the BR & DR lines are apart. 6. The total annual value of nature (ecosystem goods and services) is currently estimated to be about: (circle one) (1 point) $33 million $33 billion $33 trillion $33 quadrillion Answer: $33 trillion 7. List two biological factors affecting human population growth and briefly explain one type of
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Midterm%201%20answer%20key%202008 - Key for Midterm #1 CHP...

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