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Exam 2 Readings - "New Deal(Theodore Rosevelt ushered in a...

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“New Deal” (Theodore Rosevelt)- ushered in a different relationship between the people and the government. The Federal government became more influential in how people lived starting to engage federal leadership more than state government, increasing the strength of the USA federation. Invented Social Security. Also unionization became protected. Created Works Progress Administration, aka WPA, (1935), program created to establish and develop a more federally built urban America (school and university building, post offices, bridges etc.). “if we stimulate the economy, society will recover” . “If we prime the pump, water will flow”. Musicians, artists, architects and writers were employed in different ways by the WPA. The MSU Auditorium Mural was a WPA project. Peter (Yarrow), Paul (Stuckey) and Mary (Travers) – Wrote “puff the magic dragon” “Socialogical Perspective on Rural Studies” ( Posed the question “What is the relationship between people and society?”) by Gene Summers and David Brown Rural studies are an ongoing intellectual project that emerged in the United States around Industrial Revolution (1880s). 1908 Roosevelt led a study to understand more. In evolutionary progress from a stagnant agrarian society to dynamic urbanism. The Country Life Movement emerged as an urban-sponsored alternative to the radical economic proposals of the Populists (Danbom).Rural life was in need of repair because organization and infrastructures. Rural studies were put on hold because of WWII and because people incresingly thought it was a common culture. Proponents of the mass society concept claimed that the increased presence of extra local forces in rural communities had undercut the basis of their local organizations and institutions, and had rendered them inconsequential in the face of broad and powerful forces of urbanization, industrialization, bureaucratization, and centralization. The connection between urban towns and rural countryside. They have a symbiotic relationship. Rural people and places continue to provide essential goods and services for the welfare of society. While the form and/or substance of the contributions may have changed over the past century, there remains a mutual dependency between rural and urban places. Social Capital- The glue that holds people together. We would observe, however, that not all scholars or policy analysts agree that rural America should be developed or preserved. The neoclassical economic position is more likely to hold that resources are being "trapped" in underproductive rural areas, and that rural development further compounds the problem, reducing efficiency and national economic growth (Drabenstott, Henry, and Gibson). “Is This Song Your Song Anymore?: Revisioning Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land"” by Mark Jackson: The song is not toward God but looks at the people that make up our nation. Originally called God Bless ed America. Originally verses about poverty and problems. He didn’t think that God Bless America represented American culture, because it doesn’t talk about poverty. After writing the lyrics, some people didn’t like the depressed lyrics. On his
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