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Module 3: Chapter 16 Student CD Exercises and Simulations Provide answers to the Exercises and Simulations located under the “Goals and Homework” section of this chapter on the Student CD. How to enter your answers Enter your answers in the white areas under Answer to last problem . Do not enter anything into the gray areas. For Multiple Choice questions, enter the letter For True/False questions, enter either True or False For Fill in the Blank questions, enter the answer you provided in the SCD For Select an Answer or Select All that Apply, enter the text as it
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Unformatted text preview: appears in the answer choice(s). Save your answer sheet as a MS document and upload it into the appropriate Assignment area. Module 3 (Chapter 16) SCD Exercises Answer to Exercise SCD Simulations Answer to Simulation No exercises in this module 1.a K eq = [ML 4 ] / [M][L] 4 =[.646] / [1.054] [.575] 4 =5.61M 2.a-3 K eq = [ML 4 ] / [M][L] 4 = .302 / (.468)(.583) 4 = 5.59M 2.c No 3.e Removal of product, D, leads to a system that reacts in a forward direction 3.f 1.0L = .457mol 3.0L = .513mol...
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