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Memory Josh Pams A35094918 September 29, 2008 In the novel “the House of Sand and Fog” the author (Dubus) depicts a story where the main character is constantly shifting from the status quo and to the past. The main character is name Colonel Massoud Amir Behrani. These flashbacks happen a number of times throughout the novel, but there are two memories in particular that gives one a sense of what Behrani cultural identity is and will be. The memories he has of Jasmeen getting beaten and his party with his comrades, say a lot about what Colonel Behrani is. Through these memories one will know how Colonel will react in situations and disprove Susman’s theory that who you are depends upon where you are. Colonel Behrani is highly educated and was a citizen with high status in his home country. He has a wife (Nadereh) and two kids (Esmail and Soraya). Behrani was a colonel in the Persian army, where he made important decisions and bought fighter jets. It is clear that Colonel Behrani was wealthy when he said “… she never before complained about of all of our privileges: she never complained of the maids and soldiers she used for the upkeep of our home: she never complained of the skiing trips in the mountains to the north, or of our bungalow there overlooking the Caspian in Chahloose she never complained of the fine gowns she was able to wear at the parties of generals and judges and lawyers and famous actors and singers: she never complained when on Sunday afternoon I would order Bahman to drive our family to the finest movie house in Tehran”
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(Dubus, 58). He also, comes from a very proper, male dominated culture.
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Memory Paper - Memory Josh Pams A35094918 In the novel the...

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